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Ultra Premium CBD Oil 10% (1000mg)


  • 10ml (With organic hemp seed oil)
  • 10% СВD (1000mg)
  • 0.05% ТНС
  • Organic
  • Cold Pressed
  • Click here for lab results


Here at SIMHA, we are focused on the creation of products that utilise, preserve and enhance the unique medicinal properties of the hemp plant.

We have created an Ultra Premium Hemp oil with a naturally occurring level of cannabidiol therein. This is unrivalled in its quality as a full-spectrum medicinal hemp extract. With every stage of production - from seed to oil - under our control in a GMP certified lab, we can ensure the highest quality final product every time.

The hemp we use comes from our organic permaculture farm in Tuscany, Italy. The plant material is carefully selected in the field, then transferred to the controlled environment of our headquarters in Siena: the Toscana Life Sciences Foundation. In our laboratories, inside the Medicinal Research Centre, the hemp is processed according to the highest quality standards. We work in collaboration with SICAM (Italian Medical Hemp Society) for training, research and development. Each product is formulated with and approved by, a specialist board of doctors, pharmacists, agronomists and researchers. Our laboratory, located at the Toscana Life Sciences Foundation, one of Italy’s major scientific research centres. The Medicinal Research Centre, equipped with the most advanced technology currently available for research and development in this field. The temperature, air and pressure levels controlled from a central system and products protected from contamination by being transported only through specially designed protective passages.

Full Spectrum | Cold Pressed | Raw | Organic | Solventless |

  • GMP certified lab.

  • Certified Organic farm.

  • Certified GACP medical lab.

  • HACCP certification.

  • ISO9001 certification.

  • Therapeutic & Medicinal grade formula developed with SICAM (Italian Medical Hemp Society) 

Ultra Premium CBD Oil 10% (1000mg)


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