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What Is Alpaca Wool?


Alpaca wool is a type of wool that is derived from the fibers that naturally grow on alpacas. 

Wool derived from alpacas can be either heavy or light depending on how it is spun, which means that it is ideal for a number of different kinds of garments. Compared to sheep wool, alpaca wool is considerably softer, and it is also more durable.

The fibers that are used to make this type of wool are equipped with tiny air pockets, and these minuscule spaces provide enhanced breathability. At the same time, these fibers are highly insulative, and alpaca wool is considered to be one of the warmest types of animal fibers. In addition, this type of wool is highly water-resistant, and it is hard to set on fire.


Since wool made from alpaca fibers does not contain any lanolin , it is hypoallergenic.

Poncho 100% APLACA Wool made in Ecuador (6PA)

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